riccardo olocco
„historical sources for typeface design”

datum_mittwoch, 27. november 2019

zeit_19:00 uhr
ort_designforum | mq wien

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type design is anchored in the past and today’s letterforms are relatively similar to those that have been in use for the past five centuries. typefaces always relate to historical models and they are often imitations — at different grades of closeness — of types that were produced with different technology.

in his talk riccardo introduces his research on 15th-century roman type, discussing about nicolas jenson, the success of his roman and its influence on subsequent roman types. he will then turn to his work as a type designer introducing zenon (2015) a typeface that, although it is not the revival of any specific existing type, displays roots that go down into history.

riccardo olocco is a type designer and member of cast — cooperativa anonima servizi tipografici. besides designing, he’s a researcher in the history of type and typography combining bibliographical knowledge with detailed analysis of letterforms. he has recently delivered a phd thesis at the university of reading concerning 15th-century venetian roman types. when taking there an ma in typeface design he also fell in love with bengali script. prior to this he was from 2009 to 2013 a lecturer in typography at the university of bolzano. he currently lives between bolzano and london.

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