vortrag und filmvorführung
sam roberts
„signs of the times”

datum_freitag, 24. mai 2019
zeit_19:30 uhr
ort_hauptbücherei wien
1070 wien, urban-loritz-platz 2a

in this short illustrated presentation sam roberts will share his personal journey within the sign industry, from an early fascination with ›ghost‹ signs to his current work championing the craft around the world with ›better letters‹. this will feature a mixture of historical context and contemporary trends, including the re-energised letterheads movement.

after his presentation sam will show his latest short films when better letters met stan wilkinson and when better letters met josef samuel: vienna’s last sign painter (15 minutes each).

danach q&a mit sam roberts und den special guests stan wilkinson und josef samuel.

sam roberts is the founder of ›ghostsigns‹ and ›better letters‹ and the producer of the ›when better letters met…‹ short film series. he has written numerous articles and book contributions on the topics of ghost signs and signwriting.

» www.betterletters.co
» www.ghostsigns.co.uk

» https://betterletters.co/lettering-at-carters-steam-fair/ – stan wilkinson

» https://www.schildermalermuseum.at/ – josef samuel

der lettering-walk am nächsten tag schließt thematisch an vortrag und filmvorführung an. wir bedanken uns bei tom koch, auf dessen initiative die beiden veranstaltungen zustande gekommen sind.

lettering-walk mit tom koch
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