aka daytona mess aka anne-dauphine borione
„abcdexperimental, or bending the limits of readability and legibility in contemporary type design”

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today’s easily accessible type design tools, the profusion of type systems available in all shapes and forms and price points, the ever-evolving expansion of screens and the virtual, and millenaries of type design evolution across all languages… what do these aspects mean for a type designer today? how can type designers make their craft evolve, when type is by definition a world of conventions? how can tools such as variability, help us get a glimpse of how the future of type design may, or may not, look like? is the age-old question of type needing to be legible and readable still of actuality, and how can experimental type help us find an answer to this?

anne-dauphine borione, aka ando, aka daytona mess, is a type designer and art director based in paris, france. graduated in 2020 from the typography & graphic design master degree from the ecole de communication visuelle in paris, she now works as an independent letterforms explorer, separating her type practice in two branches: display commercial type, and very experimental type research. caffeine and pop music fuel her insatiable love for letters, and she likes reading glyphs tutorials like the morning paper.

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