tassiana nuñez costa
„flexible screen typography”

datum_mittwoch, 9. märz 2016
zeit_19:00 uhr
ort_designforum | mq wien

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tassiana nuñez costa is a brazilian type and visual designer based in paris.

after graduating in visual design at puc rio she moved to paris where she pursued a master’s degree in design and contemporary technology at ensci—les ateliers. her master’s project on the subject of augmented reading was presented several times in france and won the paris digital forum prize in 2009. for over 4 years she worked in collaboration with different startups designing mobile applications and specialized on reading interfaces. this interest took her to engage in a a post ma in typeface design at esad amiens: she graduated early 2015 with thelo, a typeface that explores optical sizes and dynamic interpolation for the web.

tassiana currently works at fjord paris, where she seeks to build a bridge between her type skills and service design.

flexible screen typography
applied to digital typography, the principle of optical sizes can improve the way we perceive characters on screen. letterforms can adapt according to the scale in which they are used to suit different reading contexts on the web. nevertheless, designing optical sizes for the screen raises questions regarding the infinite variability of sizes in which text can be displayed on digital media. in contrast to metal type, where the bearings were fixed and well defined, in a dynamic medium everything changes continuously. how can type designers develop methods to cope with the instability and complexity of digital media? how to draw a typeface capable of responding to different display environments? and finally, how to take advantage of the potential flexibility of letterforms to create new on-screen reading experiences? this presentation will discuss the drawing method developed throughout research carried out at esad amiens, france (post-diplôme typographie & langage) to design thelo, a typeface conceived in three optical sizes and dedicated to reading on screen.