david jonathan ross
„extra ! extra ! typographic maximalism”

datum_montag, 12. märz 2018
zeit_19:00 uhr
ort_designforum | mq wien

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david jonathan ross not only draws letters of all shapes and sizes for custom and retail typeface designs but is also one of the most up-to-date theorists of present-day typefacedesign. a native of los angeles, he began drawing typefaces at hampshire college and joined the font bureau in 2007 where he honed his bézier-wrangling skills. now he publishes visually imaginative and technically advanced designs at his own foundry djr, as well as working on projects with type network and developing display faces for his font of the month club. in his talk he’ll present different aspects of most recent developments in typedesign e. g. reverse stress fonts, solutions for vertical text, and foremost variable fonts, showing his typeface ›fit‹ and examining what happens to typefaces at extremes, when the rules of letter-drawing begin to break down.

display typography is governed by three factors: the size of the available space, the length of the text, and the dimensions of the typeface. when the space and text are fixed, designers can look to type that has been pushed to the extremes of weight and width in order to display their words at maximum size and with maximum impact. david jonathan ross will show some historical examples, but will focus on exemplary contemporary designs with extra bold, extra condensed, and extra wide variants, and demonstrate the possibilities that opentype variations offer for the next generation of extreme type designs.

» https://fontofthemonth.club/
» https://djr.com/
» https://www.typenetwork.com/
» https://djr.com/backasswards/
» https://vimeo.com/251494096